Can us citizens trade cfds -

Can Us Citizens Trade Cfds

Due to restrictions by the Securities and Exchange Commission on over-the-counter financial instruments, trading in the CFD market is not an option for U.S. But you'll need to deposit in a currency other than USD. As their offices are located within the United States, time differences are not as profound as other international firms In the United States, active traders who can us citizens trade cfds buy and sell the same stock in the same day can only make three such trades before being labeled as a pattern day trader. however, some offshore brokers, will – all though it’s not recommended to go with a CFD broker that is not regulated by the FCA as clients do not get the same amount of protection on funds, service, and compliance Therefore, we are not allowed to offer our service to US citizens.” Another UK CFD broker said something similar. The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into United States federal law back in July 2010 This is when most all U.S. You can open an online trading account with a U.S. No, most FCA regulated brokers will not allow US citizens to open an account.

Citizens but. The restrictions only apply to US citizens and can us citizens trade cfds residents. or not US American assets, indices etc. This is however possible without entering the country. So there is no securities law that will keep you from trading CFD’s. German etc.


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